Welcome to our house. Here you will find all the information we normally provide to our guests upon arrival.

(Please take the keys which you may look to see the sauna and game room).

First you can see the backyard and the game room, and that we can show you the inside of the house.  

We will go next to /or through/ the house into the backyard. Here you can see an outdoor sauna, barbeque, pier and lake.

The grill /axe, briquette bag/ are inside the sliding cabinet at the game room.

If you plan to use the sauna, there are simple instructions that are described in the house which it controls with only two top buttons. The top

button is on/off switch. The second button is the light. If the display is black the sauna is heating, If the display is a light color = it is not heating.

Switch the sauna off by long pressing the upper button or the sauna switches itself off after 2 hours.

4 hours for stay is free of charge, then 1 Euro per hour per consumption. In the case of small surcharges, we do not require these supplements.


Here we can see the terrace and the door to the playroom — table football, darts, bathroom with closet,washing machine and there are things

to grill too at the sliding cabinet .  

If you need to start  heating in game room  please use attached remote control for air-conditioner system .

As you received from the information, all the outdoor areas — backyard, grill, pier, terrace, game room, must be tidy in the state as before you arrived.

Now back to the entrance in front of the house:

There is a garbage bin here. In case you fill the garbage, please empty it into a large container that is on the 50m street on the left. Please also empty

the garbage before your checkout.

Inside the home:

Here is a shoe bin with slippers

On the right is the first bedroom.

Next we enter the dining room.

Here you can see the switch/blue light switch above the hifi/ which switches off two indoor cameras - you will see cameras in the dining room

and the same camera upstairs in the  living room + another camera in the yard. Now you can turn off the cameras/the blue light goes out.

If you want, you can turn them on when you leave the home, but it is only to you to decide. The camera in front of the house is turned on continuously.

We go into the kitchen and the dining room on the right hand side there is a small room with a fridge and a microwave. If you need than 2nd fridge is inside the game room - you have to turn it on on the inside of the fridge

The water is from our own well drinking and it is drinkable, regularly checked.

For very young children, we recommend bottled water for preventative purposes.

If you rent automatic coffee maker, please use only bottled water.

On departure, the coffee machine must be cleaned and the waste container empty in the same condition as it was when you got there.

The heating is set automatically between 22-23°, it depends on the time of the day. If you prefer lower temperature please send us a message

and we will adjust the temperature remotely.

Another option is to light the fireplace. Wood is for a fee in the tanks next to the fence that is next to the house. One block of wood is 12 Euro.

On the table are information sheets about the house, surroundings, restaurants, attractions and so on. There is also a simple sauna manual.

You have 2 key bundles. Each key is the gate, entrance, sauna and game room.

As you have already received in the information, only the basic cleaning has to be done when leaving. Tidy the kitchen, including used appliances, dishes and fridge and trash litter and waste bin. If these things are done, no additional charge is paid for cleaning.

Also you do not have to remove the bedding, that is in our controlled service.

If you do not want to clean it at all, and you just want to leave -  we offer this option in which case, there is an extra standard cleaning charge

upon your departure (9 Euro per hour, usually the total amount ranges from 6-15 Eur)

Also, about the information about opening the large door — some people has a problem with it, it's also described on the handle on the door.

When opening, we put the crank all the way down and then return the crank to the horizontal position (slide position).

Because when closing, the handle must be in this slide position, not down. It will take the door a little try, and it will snap into the frame,

then pull up the handle.

Going up the stairs - there on the right is 2nd room and bathroom with bath. Another bathrooms has a shower.

In the bathroom, please pay attention to small white circle switch above the heater - 1x press = increased heating / 24°/ for 30 min, 2x press = increased heating for 60 min.    These switches are in all bathrooms.

Next we move to the upper floor - here is the living room   /if you are more than 10 people here, you have another bed ready here  - if you need

remove the bedding during the day, you have to put it back before sleeping/

There are also another 2 rooms and another corner bathroom.

In the living room, there is a TV, satellite, DVD,Chromecast and internet IPTV.

There are CZ, SK, DE programs on the satellite.

A  large number of programs./CZ,SK,European and world programs (over 4,000)/ including premium channels, movies and sports channels

is available over internet IPTV .  Guides and how to use IPTV is described on the table next to TV.

IPTV uses an internet connection so that when using other guests /YouTube, Video, Movies, etc, IPTV may not be stable.

Next, we move to the stairs to the last floor.

Here is the last room with bathroom and toilet and small folding sofa bed.

This is all about us. If you would like to ask anything, you can send a message - SMS, Viber, Whatsapp or call anytime.

Thank you.

Marcel Zednicek

Tel.  +420 602 560870  /phone + Viber,Whatsapp /

Tel   +421 949 614148