Charging batteries :

The charger is automatic, but you need to set the basic charging data:

Connect the connectors to the battery (red cable to the + pole of the battery)

Use the middle button to select AGM/GEL (3rd light from top) and the right button to select "Normal charge" (2nd from top) .

Next, the charger works fully automatically, charging is complete when the green CHARGED light comes on.

Electric motor manual for boat

When using the electric motor for the electric motor + battery, guests are responsible for any damage - the operation is not complicated, but we recommend using the electric motor only to those who already have some experience or feel they can handle the operation.

The main principles are:

- the motor must be firmly attached so that it does not "jump" out of the boat when driving.

- the motor must not fall into the water with the handle

- the engine propeller must not get entangled in e.g. fishing lines

 -the lower part of the engine must not hit the bottom -when reaching the shore (or in shallow water), the engine    must be fully or partially folded.

- the battery /weight approx. 25 kg/ must not fall into the water

 -when removing the engine from the boat, the engine must be kept in a dry place (protection against   rain, lawn irrigation, etc.)

Clamping the motor : the motor is mounted from above on the motor plate/holder and 2 screws are tightened, see picture nr. 4

The battery is placed in the boat and connected to the motor - red cable to the + pole of the battery

Turning the handle starts the motor forward + backward /reverse/

Pressing the lever at the motor holder /pictured 3 / tilts the motor - must be tilted when reaching the shore !!!

The engine handle can be extended/slid - e.g. makes it easier to tilt the engine

At the end of the stay it is necessary to put the battery on the charger and recharge the battery .

We don't recommend running at 100% power - much quicker to drain the battery

The battery life depends on how you use the boat - if you ride quietly, the battery will last the whole lake / approx. 6 km/

It is recommended to take the oars with you even when riding with an electric motor /discharge, malfunction, etc./

The boat operator is also obliged to monitor the water depth or the bottom - in some parts of the lake the depth may be only a few tens of cm (you can see the light colour of the bottom or the bottom itself).

In these places it may be necessary to partially tilt the engine according to the current depth.  


1 - rukojeť motoru

2 - nastavení hloubky ponoru

3 - páčka na sklápění motoru

4 - držák s upínacími šrouby