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                                                                                                                                   General info and house rules

                                     We welcome you to our home which is set in a calm, picturesque environment and that it is to be respected.

                       Especially during main season /June-August/  it is necessary to keep the peace for the environment.  Failure to comply with this,

                                                               the city Policy will threaten to end the stay without the right to any refund.

                         Accommodations and/or visitors to more than what was told to the owner, will only be approved after talking with

                                                                                                      the owner of the home.

                     It is also strictly forbidden to pour any residue of food, washing chemicals and other foreign liquids on the lawn or into the lake.

                                       Inside the house is non-smoking area. Smoking is allowed on the backyard or in frount of the house.

                                                      Check-out time is 10:00 AM  /or later is possible with previous agreement/

Drinking water - It is from its own well, without any problems.  It is regularly checked.  For very young children, we recommend bottled water for preventative reasons.

Security cameras - House has a switchable camera system - dining room, lounge, driveway and courtyard.  On the wall above the commode,

opposite the door, the switch with the blue light.  When the blue diode is switched off, the shutdown is switched off-camera in dining room, lounge and courtyard.   The entrance remains guarded.  You can turn on the switch when you go outdoors - for protection against theft.

Sauna - First 2 hours are free of charge, than according to actual capacity.  (Max. 1 EUR/hr ).

We do not require a surcharge if sauna fee is small amount.

Please do not bring food, beverages, shoes or dirty feet inside sauna.

Garbage/Container - There is a garbage bin at the gate - it only serves to temporarily store garbage.  For longer stays, the garbage bin is required to be emptied.  Empty into container that is approximately 50m to the left of the home.

Outdoor fireplace - 1 bag of  briquettes is by the fireplace, than you will need your own.

Mosquito repellants - each bedroom  has  repellant  in socket plug. /don´t worry, very few mosquitoes at the area/.

The trigger switches on only after pressing the button - red - after 8 hours it will turn off by itself.

Outdoor blinds - in every room with the large French windows.  There are 2 white controls for the motorized blinds, otherwise the rest of the blinds

in the home are manual.

WIFI - “Topsenec” network          Password:  topsenecnet

Irrigation of the lawn -  according to the current period, late in the evening and early in the morning it will start automatically and can be switched

off on request.

Please note that all outdoor space, yard, pier, boat, outdoor fireplace, sauna, playground, game room is required to be cleaned upon departure.

Please leave it in the same condition as you arrived.  For the rest of the house, in the guest house, we only require the kitchen to be cleaned including appliances, waste bin, dishes, refrigerator, oven, etc.

If, for some reason, you do not comply with the basic cleaning, and leave the house in disarray - only with prior agreement . Than at your checkout,

the set amount for the extra cleaning according to the demand for it, will be charged approximately 10 eur per hour of extra standard cleaning.

The rest of the home does not need thorough cleaning.  It will be under our controlled cleaning service .Only in case of heavy pollution /walking

in boots on ground floor etc./ must be partially cleaned by guest.

You also do not have to remove bedding linen, it is under the direction of our cleaning service   

Buying service : the nearest supermarkets /Kauland,Billa,Tesco/ are located about 5 min by car or 15-20 min by walk, opening hours

Mon-Sun till 21-22 /exclude public holidays/.

If you don´t have a car or don´t want to walk to the shops, there is a service available for food and toiletries delivery.

Because this service is  provided by others there is an additional fee. The fee depends on size of order/time for pick up (appr. 4 Eur/30 min).