Public transport from/to Bratislava/Senec :  

Please use these links, there you can find info about public transport by train/bus .

For traveling to/from Bratislava we recommend to use train because no traffic , both

train + bus stations are located  5 min by walk from the house (see on Google maps)

For travel from the Bratislava airport you can use taxi (29 Eur for a car,65 Eur minibus 7+1, 85 Eur minibus 8+1),driver check your flight and arrive when the plane lands.


Or you can use bus+train (cheaper but apr. 50-60 min travelling time-no direct link from the airport).

(For airport station choose  “Bratislava-letisko” , for main station choose “Bratislava” and for Senec station choose “Senec-train station”.

On the bottom right (PC) or top left (mobile) you can switch the language EN,DE)

You can combine taxi+train too - in this case use any taxi to nearest train station (Bratislava Vajnory, 6 kilometers) and than use train to Senec (16 min,0,90Eur/person),

but you have to buy tickets in the train - find the train conductor and ask him.

Uber available in Bratislava too.

Info for train travellers : at Senec station you can buy tickets at the cash desk at train station

(local,international-only opening hours) .  For non-opening hours you can buy tickets at

ticket machine (only local tickets) or buy from train conductor inside the train.

Opening hours:      Mo-Fr                      Sat                     Sun

Senec station  04:50-10:35            07:10-12:30         11:00-12:30

                      11:05-13:40            13:00-14:30         13:00-14:30

                      13:55-17:35            15:00-16:25         15:00-18:25

Opening hours Bratislava main station : Mon-Sun 00:00 -24:00



Search your train/bus Taxi order from Bratislava/Wien Airport


                                         Info about taxi - order

                                 (EN language button on top of page)

              to field "Vehicle start” fill Bratislava airport (or Wien)

              to field "Destination" fill "chata TopSenec,Slnecne jazera Juh 2950,Senec"

              to field "Note" fill your flight nr.  and text bellow

                          “mapa prijezdu -”


              And please print this map too and give it to a taxi driver better.

                  Price from Bratislava airport you can find at the Pricelist,

         price from Wien airport are both (Wien-Bratislava + Bratislava-Senec) prices

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